Traffic light junctions that everyone can use safely

Infrastructural change is required to give children the freedom that their parents and grandparents took for granted. Discussion here is of the infrastructure which can bring this about.

Traffic light junctions that everyone can use safely

Postby davidhembrow » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:26 am

I've just written a summary post which shows how all of the traffic lights in Assen work. This is one of many blog posts about traffic lights.

All of Assen's traffic lights can be navigated in safety by any cyclist. Children can ride safely across all the junctions, as well as across all of the junctions which do not have traffic lights. They can do so using the same infrastructure as provides the most efficient journeys for the most confident cyclists.

Unless design of infrastructure takes into account the needs of all potential cyclists, then it won't serve all potential cyclists.
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