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Postby SandraK » Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:05 pm

I think a short introduction of myself is necessary to explain why I registered as a member. Maybe you have already guessed that I'm dutch. I live in Groningen (yes). I've been reading "a view from the cyclepath"for a couple of months. Like most dutch people I've always taken safe cycling for granted. After reading a few other UK blogs about cycling Iam starting to feel very privileged.
I think it is very sensible to start a campaign aimed at safe cycling for children. That is te main reason why I registred as a member. I'm 50, female, cycle every day (work, shopping, going to the cinema, pub, meeting friends). We have two children, both boys, now 17 and 20. They have been cycling since they where about 4 or 5, indepently to school when they where 8 and completely indepent everywhere in Groningen when they were 12. So, that is where my "expertise"lies. Even in the Netherlands children just don't start to cycle. Parents teach their children, have to take decisions when it is safe enough for children to cycle indepently and, of course, worry . Every parent I've met was worried the first time they let their child cycle indepently.
I don't know much about campaining in the UK or about safe infrastructure. But I know a lot of teaching your child to cycle safe and indepently, the decisions you have to take as a parent and your own feelings of anxiety for your children. As a parent, to allow your children to cycle indepently you need two things. Safe infrastructure and the conviction that your children are capable of cycling on their own. Allthough safe cycling starts with safe infrastructure, allowing your children to use that safe infrastructure isn't always that easy. If this campaign is going to be succesfull you have to acknowledge this.
Feel free to ask me questions!
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